Images on Social Media

Let's face it, social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others are becoming a way of life for most businesses.

The images you use in these resources will often determine the reader's perception of you, and your company.


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How to Select the Best Images for LinkedIn

People enjoy seeing images much more than simply reading text on-line. So, use this fact when designing your social media to give yourself a boost over your competitors. Make sure your images look good in all possible formats when viewed on a variety of devices, especially Cell Phones and Tablets. Choosing the right types of pictures will help project a positive image to your clients.

In this article, we will concentrate on LinkedIn, detailing the best sizes for the pictures that you should use and offering suggestions as to the content that will provide the proper image.

LinkedIn Portrait of a business executive LinkedIn Profile picture of a female executive

LinkedIn is the largest on-line professional network for Business to Businesses, and is the best social networking platform to generate new contacts and leads.

To start with, a professionally made Publicity Style Portrait is the best style to use for your own personal Profile picture on LinkedIn.

It is simple and versatile, concentrating on your facial features, allowing you to relate to many areas of need. It should be well posed and well lit and not look like a police mug shot. Professional Attire, is the outfit of choice, as this may be your first introduction to a new client.

Recommended Profile size/type for upload is – 200 x 200 Pixels, RGB Color, JPG Format, Quality 10.
(Your professional photographer and graphic artist will know what all these crazy numbers/names mean.)

On the other hand, your company's Cover picture should reflect the stability and versatility of your firm and what you have to offer. Of course, whenever possible, feature your people! People relate to real people and this will build the strength in your new client relationship.

Group portrait for LinkedIn Cover Photo

Group pictures can be quite a difficult job. However, with proper posing and lighting done by your Professional Photographer, one who speciallizes in location photography, you can not only feature your entire staff but your facility as well. This adds tremendously to the perceived image of your firm in the eyes of your clients.

Also, by including your co-workers, you will find this builds camaraderie and a feeling of being an important "part of the team", among your staff.

In addition to being used on your social media, company group pictures make ideal decor for your firm's lobby and in image brochures and advertising.

Recommended Company Cover size/type for upload is – 624 x 220 Pixels RGB Color, JPG or PNG Format.

When your follow these suggested image guidelines, you will find your social media will leap ahead of much of your competition.

Of course, if you need help, or would like other ideas on using photography on Social Media, just give us a call at (414) 445-2220.