When Is The Right Time To Send A Thank You Card Or Gift?

After completing a project for a client, you may breathe a sigh of relief and quickly move on to the next client. Before you know it, it has been a month or more and you realize you never formally thanked the first client for their business.

Oftentimes business owners throw up their hands and assume it's too late. People wonder how late is too late to send a thank you gift or card to a client.

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Do Your Clients Know You Appreciate Them?

Statistics say that 68% of clients leave a business because they believe that business doesn't care about them. Taking the time to send a thank you gift or card is an important strategy for client retention. That simple act can make the difference between an ongoing client and one that leaves to try the competition.

Thank You Card

It's Better Late than Never

Have you ever received a thank you card that was a little delayed and thought badly about the gesture? Chances are you haven't. No matter when the thank you arrives, it lets you know you were thought of and appreciated in one way or another. Your clients will most likely feel the same way. They will appreciate the gesture and have reason to think of you and your business fondly.

It Pays for Itself

An interesting thing happens when there has been a delay between the work done and the thank you gift sent. The client had time for you to fall off of their radar and get busy with their life. When you send a thank you gift in the mail it brings you back to the top of their mind. When you remember them, it causes them to remember you.

Many businesses I have worked with have actually reported a direct correlation between sending thank yous and new business. When the client receives the thank you, it may remind them of another project they need to hire you for or a friend that they meant to refer to you. Receiving the thank you actually becomes a catalyst for them to hire or refer you and you get new business because of it.

Making the effort to send a thank you gift or card is vital to your business growth. It lets your clients know that you value them. It reminds them of more work they may have for you and of referrals to send to you. Most business owners find that client appreciation gifts actually pay for themselves.

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