Welcome to Kallie Liebherr's Gallery

Hi everyone. I am a senior at Menomonee Falls High School and I hope you enjoy viewing some of my Senior Portraits.

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  • Kallie Liebherr Menomonee Falls high school senior
  • Kallie in studio gardens during her senior photo-shoot
  • Kallie and Julie on the mountain
  • Kallie playing guitar
  • Kallie senior portrait  headshots
  • High school senior girl posing with a group of kids
  • Kallie in church
  • Outdoor pose of Kallie
  • Kallie on the mountain top

"Our photographer did not sit still for a moment, maximizing our time together to provide us many options for our final selection. He even pulled the "boo" out of his bag of tricks, to help Kallie to relax. Thank you for your determined effort" ~ Kallie's Dad