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For 54 years, we did all styles of portrait Photography in Milwaukee, WI



As of January 6, 2023 after 54 years in business, we will be retiring and closing the doors for the last time on Carroll & Van James Studio. We've seen a lot of ups and down over the past half century but thankfully there have been way more ups than downs.

Since we will no longer be available, I'm recommending a great studio owned by another Master of Photography, like me. His name is Ron Wimmer, owner of Wimmer Photography.

The next time you are in need of professional photography including Corporate Headshots, Executive Portraits or Annual Report Photography, etc. be sure to call Ron Wimmer at Wimmer Photography in Wauwatosa. He will travel to your location with his portable studio and photograph beautiful business or executive portraits for your personnel on site just as we've done for the past several years.

Here is his contact information:

Ron Wimmer
Wimmer Photography
2355 N 101st Street St, Wauwatosa, WI 53226
Wimmer Photography Website

(414) 258-2700

If you're closed, what happens to all my previous portrait/wedding digital files and/or negatives ?

We will be retaining for as long as possible, all the negatives and digital files from the work we have done for you. You can still contact me should you need any duplicate images or reprints. They will be retained in our files at least through the second quarter of 2023. You can reach us via email at or by phone at (414) 793-4112. If you are interested in owning any of the files or negatives we still have from the sessions we have done for you, they may be purchased for $49 plus tax per individual session or $99 plus tax for weddings. You would receive everything we have along with a full copyright release on all the images. In most cases you would receive the Raw files, the previews, the high resolution files and the final retouched portraits.

Again, thank you for all your business over the years!