Black & White Style

It's a bit retro, but Black & White images are the new look for senior portraits.

Dark colors and leathers or high contrast outfits work best, but any solid color will be just fine.

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Clothing Suggestions... Solid colors bring the attention to your face. Sticking with all one tone - light, medium or dark - instead of mixing tones is best. Try combining black or whte clothing with the opposite color accessories for a more contemporary look.

senior girl in black dress in B&W Julia in B&W stripes Min in B&W horiz. High School guy from behind with string bass low key blonde horiz B&W Grunge Black & White senior portrait Cover girl blonde bangs in Black & White  senior girl Susan half length b&W HS Senior girl horiz B&W smiling High School Model B&W H&S High School senior guy black and white portrait in suit black HS senior guy with sunglasses horiz senior girl and guy in B&W at the beach Senior girl black top white necklase black senior guy B&W horiz close High School girl B&W up steps 3rd ward B&W british senior girl from Shorewood high contrast B&W senior girl half face horiz