Imagination Style

What's your dream? What do you love? If you can imagine it, we can create it with our exclusive "Chroma-Key" imaging system at your home.

You can be an NBA or Rock Star, hang with you favorite celebrity, show off with your dream car or anything else you can imagine.

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Clothing Suggestions... Solid colors bring the attention to your face, but feel free to use any clothing styles that reflect the image we'll be creating. On stage or the red carpet with your fav. celebrity? Be sure to rock a look they're wearing. If your emulating a future career, dress for the job you want, like a lab coat for medicine or a uniform for your dream sports team. What to wear for you "Imagination" images is simple when you think about it. You don't climb a mountain in a 3 piece suit or cocktail dress and you don't attend the Grammys in ripped jeans and a flannel, right?.

High School Senior guy doing a jump shot in the NBA High School senior girl B&W with favorite celebrity Senior girl in a virtual trip to Paris High School Senior boy as a DJ for a huge event Senior guy with his favorite electric car High School student in a hospital setting Boy skiing in Himalayas Senior guy congratulating soccer player Senior guy as a DJ High school girl leaning against a mural of her art HS Senior girl as a broadcast journalist Senior guy climbing a cliff over water High School Senior guy doing a sky hook shot in the NBA High School senior girl leaping above balance beam Senior guy white t shirt silver car High School Senior girl with tennis star Senior guy with Massai tribal robes High School student is chef coat at restaurant Senior Boy as the 5th Beatle Senior guy inspecting computer code from Matrix Senior guy at broadway theatre High school girl seated on game of thrones throne HS Senior girl as a teacher Senior guy doing a arial soccer kick High School senior girl brushing a wig in a salon Senior guy blue shirt and blue car High School Senior girl with tennis star Senior guy doing a dunk shot in NBA High School student doing a batman theme Senior Boy with fighter jet Senior guy on stage as a rap star Senior guy as soccer goalie High school senior guy with red Ferari HS Senior guy at sunset beach Senior girl with her favorite cellist High school senior guy with surfboard at sunset HS Senior guy with Favorite Soccer player