GQ style

Guys get your style on and show the look. A sport coat and tie, a sweater and dress slacks, a suit or a tux are all trend setting images of the contemporary man. You're gonna look great!

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Clothing Suggestions... A tuxedo, a suit, sport coat or any dressy outfit works well for this style. Stick to solid colors and coordinate your neckwear to match. Remember to bring dress shoes for full length poses, Accessories such as hats, sun glasses and top coats add an elegant flair.

senior Boy red shirt horiz. GQ Black H.S. Senior guy in purple GQ shirt & tie high school senior in gray hat showing GQ Balck GQ student with intense hair-do High school guy in white GQ sport coat GQ senior guy elbow on knee High school guy in GQ black suit, shirt & tie GQ senior guy in blue blazer GQ H.S. senior arms resting on chair Black H.S. Senior guy in orange GQ shirt & bow tie high school blonde GQ senior guy arms folded Black GQ student seated with straw hat High school guy in navy GQ sport coat with glasses GQ senior guy standing with no tie High school guy in GQ black suit, shirt & tie from above GQ senior guy in blue blazer - hand on chin GQ H.S. senior B&W looking down