Outdoor "In The Country" Style

"In The Country"can refer to any natural setting with a lot of natural foliage and very little or no concrete. It can be a park or parkway, a lake or river, a farm or a wooded area, even your own back yard at home. These locations make the perfect settings for your senior portrait in the natural great outdoors.

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Clothing Suggestions... Clothing Suggestions... Solid colors bring the attention to your face. Sticking with all one tone - light, medium or dark - instead of mixing tones is best. Soft pastels or white work well for Springtime. Select cool tones for Summertime to match the green tones in the backgrounds duing this season. Warm tones, browns and rusts work best in Fall as the background turn to autumn tones. Be sure to coordinate footwear for your outfit as some poses may be full length, although bare feet are very acceptable in outdoor poses.. Sleeveless or spaghetti strap tops, may make your arms look heavier.

High School senior girl outdoor in fall w/yellow sweater and scarf Senior girl crouching in light foliage High School boy arms folded in woods senior Girl with blue jacket in barn high school senior girl in floral sundress feet in river High school senior girl in yellow and purple flowers in ball cap-glasses High school senior Girl outdoor horiz in denim jacket chin in hand High School Senior guy outdoor in tall grass Senior portrait outdoor style of girl in queen ann's lace Blond High School girl in Frame Park gardens High School senior Girl in yellow top standing near river High School senior girl in tall yellow grass Black female student outdoor in Fall High School Senior girl laying in grass-pinks and purples High School Senior girl walking looking down Blonde High School Senior girl horiz in light flowers High School Senior girl seated on rocks - feet in water High School senior girl wide angle wiyh old car High school senior Girl horiz infront of a barn high school senior girl in nike sweatshirt in tall grass girl in gray top horiz in Frame Park High School senior Girl in pink dress standing in river High School girl in blue and yellow dress outdoors with arms up Senior portrait outdoor style of girl leaning from tree black senior girl in white outfit in tall grass from above high school senior boy closeup on steps High school senior girl outdoors on rocks near river high school senior girl outdoor in tall flowers - arms up High School Senior girl laying in grass-pinks and purples High School Senior girl backlit in tall grass High School Senior girl white jacket leaning on a tree High School Senior girl white pants aqrms folded at river High School Senior girl leaning on doorway -red barn