Activities Style

What are you into? What do you do in your spare time? It could be dance, art, club sports, reading, photography or hunting. Whatever it is, let's photograph it and say something about the real YOU!

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Clothing Suggestions... Generally, avoiding busy patterns or prints is the rule. Solid colors with sleeves work best but if your activity involves a specific costume or outfit, you should definately wear what's appropriate. Don't forget to have any trophies, medals, ribbons, plaques, letters, numerals or any other items showing your accomplishments so we can maybe use them in some of the poses.

High School Senio with skateboard Senior boy doing martial arts Senior girl in coffee shop reading High school dancer stag leaping female figure skater Senior guy in airplane senior girl bow hunting senior girl golf special Female ballet dancer in woods Student Milw Mustangs dancer Female pole vaulter Female with her horse senior girl riding her horse Female dancer on steps Female writing B&W Student female golfer senior guy music producer senior guy with his airplane Football player student Female senior artist senior girl skater close up senior girl esprit poms senior guy - karate senior girl dancer leaping in a theatre Female senior photographer