Music Style

Music is a universal language and if it moves you in some way, you should celebrate it. You may play an instrument or perhaps you sing. Either way we love creating music related images.

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Clothing Suggestions... Feel free to use any clothing styles that make sense with the instrument you play. If you are in an orchestra, consider wearing what you wear in concerts. If you love jazz, something a little funkier is fine. Girls - high heels make your legs look longer & tighter and work great with skirts and dresses. Sleeveless or spaghetti strap tops, may make your arms look heavier and bare midrifs and body-con tops are great for students with tight abs but for others, may create problems.

Musical high school senior cello in 3rd ward Musical dude with a large sax in 3rd ward Musical high school guy in his home High School boy with sax at home in Music Style Music Girl in white top & vest singing Black girl with violin in music concert High School girl playing violin music in park Christian seated at piano in music room Shorewood senior boy lettered in music High School senior girl in black and purple dress playing flute music senior girl in black dress singing high school senior boy in street with cello music Trendy high school senior playing guitar hero music senior girl outside with flute music Music senior boy with guitar on his back High School boy in denim with red guitar music style Black senior guy in tux with violin in concert hall - music style Black girl seated at white piano music style High School boy in black t shirt with microphone & music background senior girl playing music on guitar - sepia senior boy composite with upright bass music style High School girl in black and white playing cello music Black student in silver dress singing - music Style senior guy holding violin in front of face music style