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Our photographers and artists have received 100's awards and honors for their work.

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Clifford R. CarrollClifford R. Carroll...

... opened his first Studio in May of 1969. His zeal for his profession is evident in his active involvement in professional societies such as the Southeastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association (SEWPPA) and the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association (WPPA) both of which he has served as an Officer of the Board and as President, and the Professional Photographers of America for which he served as National Councilor for Wisconsin.

In 1974 he was named as the first "Photographer of the Year" by the SEWPPA and has since received the same honor a total of twelve times spanning a number of years.

Carroll has been honored by the Professional Photographers of America with the degrees of "Master of Photography" and "Photographic Craftsman". In addition, he holds the combined degrees of Associate Fellow and Fellow of Photography from both the WPPA and SEWPPA.

In 1991 he was awarded the National Award for Photographic Excellence and Dedication to the Profession of Photography, from the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association and to date has received over 350 awards and ribbons from various associations for his photography. His work can be seen annually in state and national photographic exhibitions and loan collections and in personal galleries of his exclusive clientele.

Mr Carroll lectures throughout the United States on his approach to the creation of wall portraits, executive portraiture and business management.

Marilyn CarrollMarilyn Carroll...

... began her career as an artisan in 1969 doing print enhancement and retouching on their client's portraits, creating elegant photographic oils and restoring and coloring old photos. To refine her techniques, she began studying with artists from throughout the United States and Canada, gleaning the best from each, until she developed a style that is distinctively "Carroll".

In 1984 she was awarded the Associate Fellowship by the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association and in 1986 she was again honored by this association with the prestigious Wisconsin Fellowship Degree.

She served as Artist Print Chairman for Wisconsin for three consecutive years during which time she was instrumental in developing the first National Affiliated Judging for Artists.

In 1989 she received the Master Artists Degree from the Professional Photographers of America. The following year, 1990, she was again honored by the PPA with the Photographic Craftsman Degree and also by the American Photographic Artisans Guild with the APAG Degree. In 1992 she received the National Award from the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association for her contributions to professional photography.

Marilyn has instructed and lectured on State, Regional and National platforms. Her work is continually included in State and National Exhibitions and Loan Collections.

Jim SchoonoverJim Schoonover...

... heads up the studio's photographic staff serving as Director of Photography as well as working as a photographer at both of our studios, His primary responsibilities include set and background development, training of our staff photographers and creating portraits for our exclusive clientele.

Jim received his first formal education in photography while at MATC. After the completion of his studies, he started working for the Carroll Studios as a custom color printer and wedding photographer. After several years he was ready to venture out on his own and established the Van James Photography Studios in nearby Waukesha, Wisconsin.

While developing a unique style of portraiture, Jim earned the degrees of Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman from the Professional Photographers of America.

Continuing to maintain a close relationship with the Carroll Studios throughout the years, when the opportunity arose to head up our entire photography department, Jim rejoined the Carroll Studios to better serve both his and the studios combined client base.

Jim continues to incorporate new stylish methods into his repetior, including, dramatic and subtle lighting techniques, natural posing, and the ability to elicit the perfect expression. As always, he is curious to find a new angle or ‘way' to give our clients a fabulous look.

Jim SchoonoverGuy Lannewehr...

... has been involved with photography since high school. His first real paying photography job was photographing a co-worker's wedding around 1980. Since that first wedding, Guy has photographed hundreds of events.

In 1987, he became friends with the photographer that covered his own wedding and afterwards convinced him to take him on as lab technician and staff photographer. In 1994 Guy purchased the studio in Watertown, WI and operated it until the end of 2002.

After nearly 9 years as an owner, he was offered a position at Carroll Studios of Photography in Milwaukee, WI as an associate photographer and digital artist. He decided to close his Watertown studio to advance his knowledge and career through his association with Carroll Studios and now manages our Digital Art department.

Guy has received numerous awards for his photography work and has taught photography and Photoshop to upcoming young photographers. You'll see him more in front of a computer workstation than behind a camera these days, but he still does photography whenever he can.

Jim SchoonoverPeter Formolo...

... has been involved with photography since high school but his interest has always been in the production area of the studio.

He perfected his skills as darkroom technician while attending MATC. After which he joined the Carroll Studios as a traditional lab printer handling much of the production of both black and white and color portrait printing.

To further his skills, Pete started entering Lab Printers competition at the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association annual conventions and was awarded numberous Awards of Excellence for his efforts.

As digital technology developed, Pete was on the cutting edge, finding ways to incorporate the traditional photographic lab tecniques into the new exciting digital field. Today he heads our Finishing R&D department as we continue to create more products and exciting ways to bring our photography to our clients.