Baby's First Year

How important is it to capture all the amazing moments of your baby’s first year - from the innocence of a newborn to an active 12 month old?"

With our Baby's First Year Portait Series, now you can keep all those magical memories allive forever.

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Want to Know The Secret To Stopping Time?
Read on to find out how!

“As you know, we first used Carroll Studios for a newborn portrait of our oldest child when she was just 16 days old. Since then, for each new session of Natalie (and for all of our children), your patience and ability to adapt to each child’s needs is amazing. You create portraits that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. Your studio is a relaxing, child-centered place that instantly alleviates the stress of photographing my children, Your attention is always on my children and creating the best portraits possible. You have forever stopped time for us… I am so grateful!” - Shelby Atwater, Nashota, WI


If you are reading this message, the chances are good that you have a new baby in your house. Congratulations! I want to share how you, too, can stop time and always remember your baby’s precious first year. (If you are “expecting” a new addition soon, read on for a great opportunity on a maternity session!)

You already know how very special your new baby is. And - if you’re like me when my daughter was born - you’re probably amazed at everything. The smallness, the perfection, the overwhelming emotion that being a new parent brings.

And, you’ve probably already noticed that time, in baby land, moves at a different pace and all too quickly.

Every day there are new “firsts,” magic moments and little discoveries. Imagine it’s 1 month, 6 months, even a year from now. How much more will your child change?

If only you could bottle all these tender, exquisite moments!

I’m here to tell you that you can hold onto the moments that touch your heart!

(show is approximately 3 minutes in length with examples of children at during their first year of life)

How important will it be to you to capture all the amazing milestone moments in your baby’s all-important first year - seeing your baby grow from the precious innocence of a newborn to a charming 12 month old (and everything in between)?

So, let me ask you a question - would you love portraits of your child that are so real and so perfect that you’ll forever remember that new baby perfection every time you see them? Portraits that you will be so proud to show everyone because you know they will be amazed by them - and downright envious that you found us first?

Did You Answer YES??


Read on because I don’t want you to lose one moment more!

Welcome to Your Baby’s First Year Timeless Portrait Series

In this exclusive portrait series, we will photograph your baby at the ages of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. And, if you are fortunate enough to call us early we also include, FREE of charge, an additional newborn session available for babies under 4 weeks.

With this Exclusive Series you will receive...

  • Your own private sessions - we are an appointment only studio. You never have to wait in line - we’re ready when your baby is ready - and our focus is completely on you and your child when you are with us.
  • Completely personalized portrait sessions - We’ll use a combination of our own timeless props and - if you like - items you bring with you to create images that are uniquely yours.
  • Plenty of time for each session. We NEVER rush you in and out. There’s always more than enough time to do everything you’ll want to do and to make sure that your baby has time to eat, rest or take a break, if necessary.
  • Your own appointment time for private review sessions in our state of the media projection room. This is where we review the images from your session and help you select your favorites. It’s easy, it’s fun and we’ll help you every step of the way.
  • The finest baby photography anywhere, done for you. The bottom line is that you’ll get images that you love and you won’t need to do a thing except show up. No worries about lighting, posing, props, retouching, even getting your images out of your camera. I had a new mom recently who came to me because she had spent an entire afternoon trying to get one good image for a birth announcement and she still wasn’t happy with the result. If you love photographs and your time is precious to you, your going to love working with us!
  • A priceless gift for you, your family and your child. "Memories are pictures in your heart but photographs are memories in your hands." The most precious gift you can give anyone close to you, including your child, are photographs taken during their growing years. Years from now, portraits of your baby and his or her loving family will be the most priceless possessions to them and to you - they only get more valuable to us as time goes on. And, do you know - while they are growing, you can boost your child’s confidence and instill in them a strong sense of belonging by decorating your house and their room with photographs of them - individually and with the family.
  • A child safe, courteous, friendly and peaceful place to come. We run an extremely kid-friendly, no-stress studio with a private changing & nursing area, videos to entertain siblings and snacks for anyone who needs them. What this means to you: giving babies and children a great place to come and giving parents a low-stress environment creates a great experience which, in turn, creates great images that you’re going to love.

Expressions Baby PanelHere’s a story for you - on a recent busy Saturday we had a mom and dad in the nursery feeding their baby, a family in the viewing room watching the video of their 6 month old and a couple of clients in the reception area picking up their orders. The mom in the nursery looked at me and said “Wow, it’s not just the photographs, it’s the experience. I LOVE it here!”.

Of course, I could not agree more. Your expericence with Carroll Studios will be much more than simply exceptional photography, it will be the enjoyment of working with professionals that have your entire family's interest at heart and always on our minds - That's my personal promise to you!!

  • Many poses to select from. You’re NEVER disappointed in the number or quality of images that you’ll see from your session.
  • EXPERT retouching FREE of charge. No need to worry about that stray blemish, the scratch on the nose (how DOES that happen on picture day of all days??!), baby acne or cradle cap. For you - no need to worry about those few extra pounds or the stray blemish. We can make you and your baby look your absolute best - relax, you’re in good hands with us.
  • Purchased portraits are professionally printed, mounted and finished, then protected with a clear glaze, gift boxed and delivered to you in a personalized gift bag. Your portraits are fully protected AND picking up an order is just like getting a present. Who doesn’t like presents!
  • Our FREE Baby’s First Year Guidebook - we’ll send you this guide as soon as you sign up. I’ve spent years pulling this together so you have helpful hints for the entire year. You won’t have to wonder what to expect, what to wear and what to bring. It’s all spelled out. No surprises here.
  • An experienced photographer who is a parent himself, who understands babies and loves working with them and you. We have a mother’s understanding & instincts, plus the added benefit of having worked with SO many babies and children - there is very little we have not seen. Babies just plain like us - because they know We LOVE them. They can FEEL it (I promise you, they really can.) We know how to read them and we're super-quick to adapt to their - and your - needs. Because we keep you involved and we know how to listen to you.
  • A studio voted Best Photographer in South Eastern Wisconsin 12 years running. Well, it’s just not possible to be an award-winning studio without a proven track record and a lot of happy clients.
  • Interest-free payment plans. Take your portraits home & pay over time. We’ll work with you and your budget to craft a payment plan that will work for you. I always appreciate when businesses make it possible for me to buy what I want. And that’s just what we do for you.
  • A 100% No-Hassle, No Nonsense Guarantee! Have a problem? We’ll fix it. No kidding. And no risk to you. At all. You just CANNOT go wrong.

And here’s what we DON’T give you…

  • No standing in line for hours at a discount store and having only a few poses taken of a tired baby.
  • No fake, cheap looking backgrounds. Can’t stand them, personally, so we don’t use them.
  • No “sheets” of pictures you have to take home and cut apart with a scissors. Everything is professionally finished.
  • No high-pressure sales tactics. We don’t like ‘em ourselves so we don’t use ‘em. Period.
  • No minimums and no forcing you to take a package or poses you don’t want. Buy what you like. We’ll help you select your favorites but we’ll NEVER, ever try to talk you into anything.

Nathan & Michael BFY Panel


Here’s the Deal!

Right Now Our Baby’s First Year Series
is Available to You for a Limited Time
for the Promotional Price of Just...


That's 60% off our retail price!

Sound crazy? We offer such a deep discount for a reason - READ ON!

For JUST $244, you’ll receive all 4 (or 5) portrait sessions, all 4 (or 5) review sessions, the best photography anywhere, everything else that we just listed, in addition to service that will amaze you and a year of baby photography that you will never forget!

But only if you act fast!

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Why Sign Up Now?

Your baby is only this age ONCE. Time is fleeting. Heck, it’s moving at warp speed. So call while your baby is still small - we don’t want you to miss one moment MORE.

We can only accept 10 new baby plan clients each month. Every month there are over 300 babies born in and around our area (hard to imagine but true!). We cannot possibly photograph all of them, we have finite resources. Once our 10 available slots are filled, we CANNOT accept more.

The baby plan covers 3 months through 12 months BUT if you call before your baby is 4 weeks old we’ll include a newborn session absolutely FREE. This is an AMAZING session and you DO NOT want to miss it!

(show is approximately 2 minutes in length with examples of newborn children)

The Drawback? There HAS to be One, Right?!

Well, there is sort of a drawback. You’re going to need to invest a little of your time over the next year. We usually allow a minimum of an hour for each photo session (more for a newborn) AND each review session. That’s a MINIMUM of 8 hours (10 hours or more if you add the newborn session) that you’re going to need to invest over the next year. All of our moms think it’s the best investment they’ve ever made in the life of their babies - folks like Mike & Laurie (see testimonial below), but you need to know this up front - because we all know how busy everyone is, especially with a new baby.

“To Other Moms and Dads - Join Carroll Studios Baby's First Year Plan - you will NEVER regret it! You will pull out your photos again and again and marvel at how wonderful they are. They are a great investment in the memories you will relive for years to come.” - Mike & Laurie Peterson, Brookfield, WI

I Have to Tell you - What We say is One Thing, but What our Clients Say Is EVERYTHING.