Business Card Design

One of the most powerful, yet over looked weapons in your marketing arsenal is your business card. When designed properly, this little 3 x 2.5 piece of paper will not only let people know how to contact you, it will also tell them why they should contact you.

In order to be effective and get you more business your Business card must stand out, and get noticed.

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How a distinctive business card resulted in a $5,000 Sale

A man and his wife recently went furniture shopping. By the end of the day they had gone to 8 stores and had 8 Business cards. 7 of the Business Cards were your garden variety white cards with one or two color writing on them.

One card was a little different. The salesman, we will call him Bob, had decided to make his card stand out a little by putting his picture on it along with a couple of color pictures of his furniture. Bob's business card made an immediate impression.

The next day they flipped through the all the business cards that they had received the previous day. They immediately remembered Bob from his business card. They went to Bob's store and spent over $5,000! All because of a business card.

4 Tips to make your Business Card Stand out

1 - Use Full Color Printing

In the old days full color printing (4 color printing) was extremely expensive. You could pay over $350 /1000 for high quality full color cards. Prices have dropped due to computerized, digital printing and you can now get beautiful full color cards printed for about the same price as a plain two color card.

2 - Put a picture on it!

I highly recommend that you put a picture on your business card. Studies have shown that people are more likely to hold on to a Business card with a photo on it. It could be your picture, a picture of your product, or a combination of both. Picture cards get attention!

Here are a couple of examples.

For the first example we can use a plain version of my previous Business card. It has all the necessary info. It shows my company, my name and position and all my contact information, but is it interesting?, unique?, memorable?... Hardly. But how about when I add some of my creativity to the design? Giving the card a black background and using our logo with our studio colors makes a difference... but when we add a picture, in this case a high quality professional portrait of me, this card virtually jumps out of the stack of the plain, generic, text only cards we so often see.


In the second example, Our business insurance agent and publicity portrait client, Jack Loppnow, a vice president with the firm of Robertson Ryan and Associates Inc. wanted a Business card that was unique, interesting, and memorable. Again, notice how the plain text version looks as dry and uninteresting as most people's idea is of insurance in general. But add a color logo and a great business portrait, I created, to the design and viola; a Business card that people will notice and retain. Looking at the two versions of his card, which insurance agent would you assume is the one that is the most successful, writes the most policies?

3 - Don't use Business Card "Templates"

There are websites you can go to online where you can choose from pre-made business card designs called templates. The problem with this is that the more people who use these templates the more you card starts to look like everybody else's. You want to have a Business card that stands out from everybody else's, not one that gets lost in the crowd.

4 - Let a Professional Design It

Unless you are a professional graphic designer designing your own card is like performing root canal on yourself. Its going to take a lot of time and you may not be happy with the results. Leave the designing and photography to the professionals and use your time doing what you do best ... selling your product or service!

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Article source: Adapted by Jim Schoonover