Giving Back

Our passion for people spreads into our passion for our community. We have seen what can be accomplished when those with a desire to help come together with a common cause. We are only one business and we do not have enough hours in our day for what is needed in our community.

But, what we can give is our gift of portraiture to charitable organizations for their fund raising efforts. With so many families wanting a family portrait in their home, this is a wonderful item we can contribute to silent auctions.

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Charities We Support

For more than 50 years the Milwaukee Area community has blessed us with their support and patronage, allowing us to create beautiful portraits of family relationships, enduring images of children, timely pictures of high school graduates and successful portraits of business icons. We feel everyone deserves to have portraits in their home and businesses that they can walk past each day, smile at and share with family and friends.. When you have had a rough day, portraits can bring a calmness to your spirit and give you a focus of what is important in life.

As a former Rotarian we firmly believe in the Rotary philosophy of “Service above Self”. In the past year we have donated portrait certificates to over 50 organizations. Here are just a few we have helped in their fund raising efforts.