Here are the parts of an Exceptional Portrait Experience...

If you are new to our studio or have not seen us in a while, here is an idea of what to expect while you are with us.

We want your photographic experience to be one your remember, so if you have any questions before we begin, feel free to ask us.

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Your Planning Session - At this complimentary phone meeting we will discuss everything you need to know to prepare for an exceptional photo-shoot, including posing styles, colors, clothing styles and accessories, make-up tips, hair styles, props, background selections. We will also discuss what your needs are and what you can expect to invest in your Portraits. We suggest that the decision makers be on the call for this meeting.

Your Photo-Shoot - Your portraits may be made either at your home or on-location at a venue of your choosing - indoor or outdoors. We will do a number of different poses to allow you a great selection to make your final choices from. Of course, we are always open to your suggestions - we want this experience to reflect your personality and relationships. Feel free to make any requests you would like to try or any break-outs of smaller groups you are interested in owning.

The View & Purchase Appointment - As soon as one week after your photo-shoot we will come to your home where you may view and order your pictures using our latest state-of-the-art projection viewing system. We will start with a slideshow, created just for you, and then we will help you select your favorite poses to design a package to fit your every need. Jim Schoonover, the studio owner is very knowledgeable and incredibly patient, so be sure to allow a couple of hours for this appointment. Jim can even set up an easy no-interest, budget payment plan to fit your needs.

Your Delivery Appointment About 3 weeks after you place your order, your portraits will be ready for delivery. At that time, your portraits will either be hand delivered or shipped to your home.

We know we will make this a wonderful experience for you