Tips for Senior Pictures & How To Make Them Great!

37 "Must Know" tips for senior pictures to help make your Senior Photo Shoot the most exciting thing you will do all summer.

By following these suggestions, you will be assured of getting the very BEST pictures possible... especially when you schedule your photo shoot with the award-winning Carroll and Van James Studios of Photography.

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1. Avoid using outfits with strong patterns & bright colors which can distract from your expression.

2. A large variety of outfits from dressy to casual to grungy will give a better variety of poses.

3. Girls apply a make-up base & powder to smooth your complexion and cover up any small imperfections.

4. Guys shave shortly before your session for a smooth skin texture.

5. Use cover-up for blemishes.

6. Do not use any glitter makeup (eye shadow - OK). It just makes spots on your face that require retouching.

7. Be sure to fully accessorize each outfit and hang in a baggie on the hanger of the outfit it goes with to keep them in order.

8. For more variety, have outfits in layers. Like a jacket or shrug that can be removed for a different look.

9. Hang knit fabric tops on the hangar wrong side out. This will prevent shoulder nipples.

10. If you're bringing a pet on location and not your home, small pets can stay in a carrier during most of your session.

11. For larger pets on location and not your home, it's best to have someone bring them so they can be in a few shots and then head home.

12. Hyper pets can be calmed by giving them a Benadryl (check with Vet) 30 minutes before picture time.

14. Consider having your makeup professionally done. MAC makeup is preferred - it photographs better.

15. Get a blemish right before your session? Don't worry about it, we will take care of it for you.

16. Drink a glass of water before bed. Your face and eyes will look their best.

17. Spray tans are healthier but often photograph ORANGE. Consider a real tan this time, but don't burn!

18. Be ready 15 minutes early for your session to give you time to get organized without cutting your photo time.

19. It's great to have mom along to help if your location isn't Home. If mom can't come, consider one or more friends to be your helpers.

20. Have multiple friends for your session, they can be included in several of your photos giving you more to choose from.

21. Bring a sweater or some long sleeves even in summer for a different look.

22. Got an iPod? Make a play list to listen to during your photo shoot.

23. If there is some part of your body you don't love, make sure you have some outfits that cover it.

24. Make sure one your outfits are yearbook appropriate. Most yearbook policies follow school dress code. Be sure to let you photographer know what type of pose you will need for your yearbook.

25. Bring dark, medium & light denim jeans so we can pick the ones that match the setting best.

26. Make sure finger and toe nails look good. They will show. In fact, it's a great excuse to get a mani-pedi-cure.

27. Beige or nude colored undies are best for photos & won't show through clothing - girls, bring a strapless bra too.

28. Guys, make sure you bring a white & black tee – a white tee under a dark shirt looks bad & is distracting.

29. Most important: do NOT party the night before - get a good night's sleep and be rested.

30. Don't try a new hair style just before your session. Bring shoes to match every outfit.

31. Wash your car if you want to include it in your portraits.

32. Don't forget your class ring.

33. You may want to whiten your teeth for your portrait session.

34. Girls who are going to wear short skirts, bring spanx or bike shorts to wear under your skirt.

35. Don't worry about being nervous. You are going to have a blast!

36. Girls - make sure you have the correct bra color for the outfits you are bringing in

37. Girls - heels will make you taller, look thinner and shape you better - flip flops are from the devil.