Meet the talented individual who owns and operates Carroll and Van James Studios

The creation of fine portraiture requires the talent and skills of a number of entities completing numerous tasks.

In conjunction with the finest finishing labs in the country we have received 100's of awards and honors for our work.

This is your assurance of our quality.

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Jim SchoonoverJim Schoonover...

... heads up the studio's entire operation. His primary responsibilities include client development and creating portraits for our exclusive clientele.

Jim received his first formal education in photography while at MATC. After the completion of his studies, he started working for the Carroll Studios as a custom color printer and wedding photographer. After several years he was ready to venture out on his own and established the Van James Photography Studios in nearby Waukesha, Wisconsin.

While developing a unique style of portraiture, Jim earned the degrees of Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman from the Professional Photographers of America.

Continuing to maintain a close relationship with the Carroll Studios throughout the years, when the opportunity arose to head up our entire photography department, Jim rejoined the Carroll Studios to better serve both his and the studios combined client base.

With the retiring of the original owner, Clifford R. Carroll in 2019, Jim had the opportunity to purchase the business and continues to operate it under the new brand of Carroll and Van James Studio.

Jim continues to incorporate new stylish methods into his repetior, including, dramatic and subtle lighting techniques, natural posing, and the ability to elicit the perfect expression. As always, he is curious to find a new angle or "way" to give his clients a fabulous look.