ThemeDates Event Schedule for Children

ThemeDates, our Special Event Children's style photography, has become one of the most popular types of sessions we offer.

Many families book several events during the year to record the growth of their children in creative, fun portraits.


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ThemeDates are for Kids

These very affordable, limited edition sessions, include special sets and backgrounds, which we design for every new event.

Each ThemeDate features, NO Session Fees (only a $49 deposit for each child photographed which is applied toward our special packages) so our families with children can take advantage of different offerings each month.

ThemeDates are a very exciting and convenient way of documenting your children's growth through creative portraits which you can use for decor, as well as gifts to family and friends throughout the year.

Select as many as you wish to participate in. Most are designed for both girls and boys, but some are more appropriate for one or the other. You choose.

It's a Children's World

January 4th - March 31st
"National Children's Contest Begins"
Over $7500 in Prizes will be awarded

February 3rd - 4th
"An Olde Fashion Valentine"
Packages include a Video Valentine Card

April 7th - 8th
"Live Baby Bunnies and Baby Chicks"
Our most Popular ThemeDate Event

May 19th - 20th
"Exploring Grandma's Attic"
A special Mothers Day Treat

June 9th - 10th
"Fun in Grandpa's Workshop"
Includes a special Fathers Day eCard

July 21st - 22nd
"Take me out to the Olde Ballpark"
An olde fashion baseball event

August 18th - 19th
"A Day at the Beach"
On our Cape Cod indoor beach

September 22nd - 23rd
"Back the Pack"
Celebrate the Green and Gold

October 27th - 28th
"Fall Harvest & Halloween"
A colorful or Spooky Event

November 17th - 18th
"Holiday Greeting Card Event"
A special event for Christmas Cards

December 1st - 2nd
"Christmas Pixies & Fairies"
A Christmas tradition for Gift Giving

December 8th - 9th
"A Chrismas Carole"
Created with our Charles Dickens Set